New Mobility - Electric Scooters & Drones - Regulations Overview

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In a fast-evolving urban transport environment, e-mobility is changing how people move. Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV) , like Electric scooters, e-bike have become hugely popular. These alternatives open the door to explore how the integration of e-mobility into our daily can improve the quality of our environment and our daily life. 

On the other hand, Drones and it's wide applications have been an inevitable trend in the coming future with the "real" arrival of 5G technology in our everyday life. 

These technologies bring new and urgent challenges, especially safety concerns for policymakers and vast companies. Therefore in this webinar, we will explore on below:

Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV)

  • What is PLEV?
  • Overview of EU & National Regulations for PLEV (E-scooters)
  • Bureau Veritas’ Complete Solution Portfolio

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

  • What is UAS?
  • Overview of EU Regulations for Drones
  • Bureau Veritas’ One-stop Solution Portfolio